Z-020 Tornador Black Cleaning Tool


The Tornador Black Cleaning is a more powerful cleaning tool than the Tornador Classic, making it ideal for the professional detailer who will use it more frequently, needing more power and will use the tool for more prolonged periods.

The "cyclonic air stream" principal is the same, but with a new design to reduce wear,
ensuring longer life and increased performance.

The Tornador Black can be used with smaller air compressors and has an air regulator right on the tool to adjust the working air pressure. The new design also uses sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set, eliminating any contact with the tube. The Tornador Black has about double the power of the Tornador Classic.

Once you have made a pass over the area to be cleaned, simply wipe the surface with a Microfiber Towel then flip the switch on the Tornador. It becomes a instant hand held cyclonic dryer! The Tornado drastically cuts down cleaning time and effort!

An ideal cleaning solution for the Tornador is a splash or two of Jax Wax Super Citrus in the 32 oz jar mixed with water.