Vinyl & Leather Ceramic Coating Kit

Jax Vinyl & Leather Ceramic Coating is the highest form of protection for leather and hard surfaces on the interior of your vehicle such as your dash, door panels, console, leather seats etc. 

Jax Vinyl & Leather Ceramic Coating is a long lasting formula that will provide a semi permanent bond to your hard vinyls, plastics, and leather seats. This coating provides protection from everyday stains and spills, normal wear & tear, blue jean color transfer, and UV rays that fade the interior of your vehicle.



1) Ensure all surfaces to be coated are cleaned properly with Jax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner. Do not use any interior cleaning product that has any form of protection infused into it. Alway test interior cleaning products on a inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire surface.

2) Once the surface is clean and dry to the touch you can start the coating process.

3) Apply a liberal amount of Jax Vinyl & Leather Ceramic Coating to a coating applicator. Wipe the coating onto the surface in straight lines using a cross hatch pattern ensuring complete coverage. Allow the coating to penetrate the surface for 1-2 minutes, then level any excess coating with a utility microfiber towel.

4) Let the coating cure for 1-2 hours before driving the vehicle. 

Maintain your coated surfaces with Jax Interior Cleaner. This mild cleaner will clean the surface without harming the coating and continue to add protection going forward.