Super Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

This citrus based all purpose cleaner will effectively clean the engine bay, wheels, tires, wheel wells and undercarriage of your vehicle with ease, producing amazing results.



For lightly soiled engines:
- Dilute Super Citrus with water 5:1.
- Make sure the engine is cool to the touch and cover any exposed electrical parts in the engine bay.
- Wet the engine down ( do not soak).
- Apply Super Citrus liberally to all surfaces that need cleaning in the engine bay.
- Use a soft bristle brush to agitate the product making sure to thoroughly clean the entire engine.
- Rinse clean and let air dry or use compressed air.

For heavily solid engines:
- Use Super Citrus at full strength, follow the same steps.

For cleaning wheels, tires, and wheel wells/undercarriage:
- Wet the area that you are cleaning first, followed by spraying Super Citrus at full strength covering the entire area.
- For each area use a soft bristle wheel cleaning brush to remove the dirt and grime buildup, then rinse clean.