Shine All Dressing and Protectant

Jax Wax Shine All is a professional grade, water based dressing and protectant for all interior plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.

Jax Wax Shine All easily restores fading, making surfaces look like new, as well as prevents and protects against fading, cracking, heat, and other harmful UV effects.

  • Easily Restores Fading Making Surfaces Look Like New
  • Prevents and Protects against Fading, Cracking, Heat and Other Harmful UV Effects
  • Long Lasting
  • Dries Completely Will Not Stay Greasy or Tacky Like Others That Attract Dust
  • Safe for Any Surface
  • Makes It Easier to Keep Surfaces Clean
  • Easy To Adjust Finish For Your Own Personal Preference

Jax Wax Shine All is extremely versatile in the fact that you can adjust the "shine" by mixing it with water . For those that want a high shine, use it straight out of the bottle. Want to tone down the shine? No problem - just add water to get the finish for your personal taste. That's something you can't do with virtually any other retail product.



1. Liberally spray on an applicator and wipe it on the surface. 

2. After a few minutes buff with a towel for a brilliant finish.

Some customers prefer to just let the product dry.


For Large Areas

When applying Jax Wax Shine All to a large area, apply with an applicator first "North and South" in even overlapping strokes. Then reapply "East and West". Going one way and then the other reduces any chances of seeing streaking and will ensure nice even coverage. When complete, let dry for a few minutes and buff with a towel for a brilliant finish.