Pro Foam Cannon

The Jax Wax Foam Cannon is one of the best-detailing tools in the industry today!

One of the main benefits to the Foam Cannon is that you can coat the vehicle with thick, fluffy foam and let the soap do the job of loosening the dirt, and grime! If your vehicle just has a layer of dust on it or isn't very dirty you won't even have to touch the car with a wash mitt! Just pressure wash the foam off the vehicle after it has done the cleaning job for you! 

The Foam Cannon produces such a consistent thick foam that it clings to the vehicle, providing the proper lubrication to help you safely wash your vehicle. This will help properly wash your vehicle and not cause swirls.


- For use with a pressure washer
- 32oz. Fluid Tank
- Rating of 1.3-5.3 gpm
- Gets in all the cracks and crevices of your vehicle to ensure the most in-depth washing process
- Reduces swirls, scratches and other imperfections that are caused by improper washing procedures