Marine Utility Microfiber Towel

Elevate Your Marine Detailing Game with Unparalleled Softness and Efficiency  

Discover the ultimate solution to your detailing needs with the Marine Utility Towel. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this premium towel offers unmatched softness and performance for every aspect of your watercraft care. 

  • Prep Your Towel - For optimal performance, wash your towel before first use with a gentle, microfiber-friendly detergent.  
  • Choose Your Task - Perfect for drying, cleaning, or polishing. Use it across all boat surfaces including paint, glass, and interiors.  
  • Maintain Your Towel - After use, wash with similar microfibers in cold water. Avoid fabric softeners and dry on low heat to preserve its softness. 

Ultra-Soft, Ultra-Safe Crafted from superior 70/30 blend microfiber, this edgeless towel ensures a scratch-free experience, preserving your vehicle's shine. Its plush texture is perfect for sensitive surfaces, trapping dirt and moisture effortlessly.  

Versatile Performance Whether it's drying, polishing, dusting, or cleaning, the Jax Wax Microfiber Towel excels. Its generous 16"x16" size and absorbent nature make quick work of any task, leaving behind a flawless finish.  

Edgeless Design for Maximum Safety Say goodbye to scratches and swirls. The edgeless design of this towel eliminates all risks of damage to paintwork, making it the safest choice for your watercraft.  

Color-Coded Convenience Available in multiple colors, easily organize your detailing regimen to prevent cross-contamination. Assign different tasks to different colors for a streamlined, efficient detailing process.  


  • 365 GSM  
  • 16x16  
  • 70% Polyester  
  • 30% Polyamide