Jax Interior Detailer


 Jax Interior is a great way to clean multiple surfaces of your interior with ease. Strong enough to attack the most stubborn of stains and gentle enough to be used on virtually any surface of your interior.

Jax Interior works great on leather seats, door panels, dash, console, sill plates, steering wheel, and any vinyl or plastic surface.

Not only will it clean your interior but with built-in odor encapsulation technology it will make your ride smell great.



- Spray Jax Interior on a utility microfiber towel and wipe the area to be cleaned. Wipe excess product with a dry microfiber towel.

- If area is heavily soiled, give the product time to penetrate and then wipe clean.

- If using Jax Interior on a leather surface, after fully cleaned apply Jax Wax Leather Magic to condition surface.