These two products are an unstoppable duo when it comes to keeping your interior and exterior clean!! 


Included in this kit: 
16oz Jax Interior Cleaner 
16oz Hawaiian Shine Quick Detailer 
3 Jax Wax Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels 


Jax Interior Cleaner - Jax Interior Cleaner is the perfect interior maintenance product to clean grime, dirt, and contaminants from the dash, plastics, vinyl, leather, navigation screen, glass, and all trim pieces of your interior. Jax Interior Cleaner will leave a flawless streak free, non greasy, matte finish. This safe and effective cleaner will also leave behind an invisible layer of UV protection with months of durability.


Hawaiian Shine Quick Detailer - Extremely Versatile Professional Grade Spray Wax Which Can be Used as a "Quick Detailer" or "Wax as You Dry"

Use on Wet or Dry Surfaces

Perfect for Any Surface including Paint, Glass, Trim, and Chrome

Will not Streak or Smear in High Heat or Humidity

Leaves a Brilliant, Glossy Slick Finish

Works to Extends Existing Wax Protection on Your Finish

Anti-Static which Makes it Easier to Keep Your Vehicle's Surface Clean


Jax Wax Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels - This edgeless microfiber utility towel is extremely versatile, with the ability to be your go to towel for removing wax, polish, detail spray or anything else on your paint at a very affordable price point. It also works well on cleaning the interior of your vehicle, not leaving behind lint on seats, door panels, any plastic pieces, dashboard, etc.