Jax Interior Cleaner

Jax Interior Cleaner is the perfect interior maintenance product to clean grime, dirt, and contaminants from the dash, plastics, vinyl, leather, navigation screen, glass, and all trim pieces of your interior. Jax Interior Cleaner will leave a flawless streak free, non greasy, matte finish. This safe and effective cleaner will also leave behind an invisible layer of UV protection with months of durability.



- Simply spray Jax Interior Cleaner on the surface you want to clean and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.
- This product will evaporate fast and leave behind a factory streak free finish.
- In hard to reach areas spray Jax Interior Detailer onto your microfiber towel first, then wipe the surface clean.
-T his product works great when agitated with a brush to attack stubborn dirt in cup holders, door panels and other small areas of your interior.