Graphene Headlight Restoration Kit

Jax Graphene Headlight Restoration Kit is a safe and easy way to restore faded and oxidized headlights back to "like new" condition with ease. Our headlight restoration kit will bring back to life your old faded, yellow, oxidized headlights with long lasting protection for up to 5 years!

You can restore clarity to your headlights with no tools and protect them with our proprietary self leveling Graphene Headlight Coating. This kit will restore two sets of standard sized headlights.



1) Wash the vehicle and make sure the headlight is free of any dirt/grime.

2) Tape off the area surrounding the headlight with masking tape to protect the paint from potential damage from the sanding discs hitting any painted surface during the sanding process.

3) Wear the provided gloves for the entire process moving forward.

4) Using the provided gray oxidation removal towels, pour Oxidation Remover (Step 1) onto the towel and wipe the headlight, removing the yellow/brown oxidation present on severely damaged headlights. Apply moderate pressure during the wiping process while flipping the towel to a new side as the oxidation builds up on the towel. Repeat this process until you see a noticeable difference in the condition of the headlight. You will start to see much less yellow/brown residue on the towel as you clean the surface 3-4 times.