* 5" Uro Fiber Microfiber Buffing Pad

The newest technology in microfiber buffing pads is here!

The unique patent-pending design of the Uro-Fiber Pad starts with its shorter knap, which has a 25% lower pile than the traditional microfiber pad. Also, the black and white fibers are not just a color gimmick; there are actually two different grades of micro-fiber stitched into this pad surface.
    The shorter knap and the blended fibers creates a pad that is truly all-in-one. You can cut, polish, and finish with this pad! (Although, it is recommended that you have one dedicated Uro-Fiber Pad for each paint perfection chemical that you use; one Uro-Fiber Pad for compound, one for polish, and one for final finishing.)
      As if that is not enough, you will find that this pad also excels in durability because of the use of the finest materials, the highest rated heat-resistant and chemical-resistant adhesives that hold the components of the pad together even under the most grueling polishing sessions. And when you are done, just wash them and they're ready to use again!
      During polishing remember to clean out the pad with compressed air or a Foam Pad Cleaning Brush between each panel