Cap'n Cut is an innovative compound specifically designed for marine application. Formulated to remove deep scratches, swirls, and contamination from fiberglass and gel coat surfaces while finishing to a deep gloss finish. Safe for all marine applications, Cap'n Cut will prepare your watercraft or R.V. for its final polish. 



  • Shake well.
  • Apply 3-4 drops to the desired pad.
  • On a slow speed setting spread product into surface.
  • Increase machine to desired speed setting, generally between 4-6 on a dual action polisher or 3-4 for a rotary polisher. 
  • Working in a 2-3 FT section begin polishing with medium pressure to remove defects after 4-5 passes slowly lighten pressure to finish. 
  • Remove residue with a soft microfiber towel.
  • It is recommended to try a test spot prior to polishing the entire watercraft or R.V.