*Black Trim Renew

Faded Black Plastic Trim is now a thing of the past!

Jax Black Trim Renew is our go-to product for renewing plastic exterior trim pieces that are extremely faded due to sun exposure. This product is infused with dye, so it is very effective at penetrating the plastic and restoring the surface to a like new factory condition for months.


1. Clean the plastic trim thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner like our Super Citrus.

-Be sure to dry completely.

2. Tape off any painted or chrome area that is near the plastic trim using painter's tape.

Before next step:We highly recommend you wear gloves during this application so Jax Black Trim Renew doesn't get on your hands.

3. Pour a few drops on an applicator and apply a thin even coat to the plastic trim piece moving in a back-and-forth motion.

-If you accidentally get Black Trim Renew on one of these surfaces, wipe off immediately before it dries with a microfiber towel you do not plan on using in the future as the Trim Renew will stain and soil your towel.

4.Let the product sit on the surface for 5 minutes

5. Wipe off remaining product with a microfiber utility towel.

Black Trim Renew will need 4-6 hours to cure. Do not let any moisture come in contact with the treated piece in this time.



Depending on how bad the plastic trim piece has faded, a second or third application may be required. 

Be sure to use an applicator you do not plan on re using as the dye on the applicator will harden over time. Store applicator in a sealed airtight container or bag.