Strip Shampoo

Strip Shampoo is formulated to remove waxes and other types of protective sealants from your vehicles paint without harming the surface. Strip Shampoo is a great way to prepare your paint for a new coating, wax, or sealant application.

Depending on the level of protection your vehicle has, Strip Shampoo may need to be used more than once to achieve complete removal of the protective layer.



- Pour 3-5 oz. in your foam gun or foam cannon and top off with water, then shake well. 

- Spray your entire vehicle from top to bottom letting the foam penetrate the protective layer on your paint

- Using a premium wash mitt, agitate the surface to break up the wax, sealant or coating on the vehicles surface.

- Rinse clean, then dry with a premium drying towel. 

- If necessary, repeat this process until protective layer is removed.