Jax Wax Premium Twisted Loop Double Sided Glass Towel ORANGE

This Twisted Loop design of this Microfiber towel picks up contaminants from Glass like a Magnet, and Absorbs Liquid Like a Sponge.

The texture of this towel makes cleaning glass a breeze. The texture is perfect for picking up grime and moisture from glass making it easy to get a streak-free finish.

The size is perfect, having enough area to do all the glass on a car without having to change out the towel. It is not so overly large that other towels make it hard hold in your hand, Used with Jax Wax Streak Free Glass Cleaner or Jax Liquid Glass Cleaner - your windows and glass will never have been so clean!

These are the same microfiber towels that we sell to our commercial customers consisting of hundreds of car dealers, professional detailers, auto body shops and classic car owners every day. Jax Wax microfiber towels are commercial products that are of higher quality than than most "retail" microfiber towels that sit on the "wax wall" vying for your hard earned dollars with slick labels and packaging.