Jax Wax Interior/Exterior Fine Detail Brush (Long Handle)

The Jax Wax Interior/Exterior Fine Detail Brush is specifically designed for light duty cleaning in areas that you don't want to worry about scratching. This extremely soft bristle brush is one of the softest brushes you will ever use. 

For interiors you can safely clean your instrument panel, gauges, console, vents, and all hard to reach areas with ease.

For exteriors this brush works great for detailing around emblems, removing dried wax in hard to reach areas. It can also be used as a lug nut cleaning brush and all around detailing brush in hard to reach areas on your wheels.


- Ergonomically designed plastic metal free "no scratch" handle
- Textured Grip Handle
- Balanced at grip area to minimize user fatigue
- Chemical resistant handle and ultra-soft bristles