Graphene Spray Coating

Jax Graphene Spray is a very user friendly super slick and hydrophobic graphene coating. Graphene Spray is a true ceramic coating that anyone can use with ease providing up to one year of durability. 

Benefits of Jax Graphene Spray

- Very easy to use sprayable ceramic coating

- Adds extreme depth and gloss to any painted surface

- Lasts up to 1 year

- Chemical resistant

- Sheds and beads water with superior hydrophobic properties

- Protects against UV rays

- Can be used as a topper on a ceramic coated vehicle

- Creates super slick finish. 



Wash vehicle thoroughly Use a clay bar to decontaminate painted surfaces. Perform any necessary paint correction with a machine polisher. Use Jax Graphene Prep to remove any polishing residues left behind. Spray coating directly onto the paint closely to avoid overspray. You can also spray the coating directly onto the provided micro suede coating applicator for easier application. Wipe coating onto the paint in a cross hatch pattern to ensure proper even coverage. Product will "flash" within a few minutes. Once the product flashes wait 2-3 minutes then wipe the remaining residue off. Continue this process one panel at a time on the entire vehicle. Once finished let the coating cure for 10-12 hours before water is introduced to the paint.