HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner

HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a non acid all in one tire & wheel cleaner that will easily remove dirt, debris, and brake dust from chrome, clear coated, powder coated and factory wheels. HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner will also remove all dirt, grime and residual tire dressing from your tire with ease. This product is not for use on polished aluminum, raw aluminum and anodized wheels.



1) Making sure the wheel is cool to the touch, wet the tire & wheel thoroughly.

2) Spray HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner liberally on your tire and wheel, one at a time.

3) Scrub tire with a nylon tire brush to remove all dirt. Using a soft bristle wheel brush agitate product onto wheel.

4) Rinse thoroughly. Do not let product dry on the surface of the wheel.


All in one formula that can be diluted 1:1 with great results!