Jax Wax Wheel Brush

The Jax Wax Wheel Brush a flexible and soft bristled brush that bends to deep clean all those hard to reach spots. With two different sizes, you can clean every area of your ride!! Jax Wax Wheel Brush features a flexible shaft that allows you to clean even the most inconvenient areas easily. Use the Large Brush on wheels, brakes, and the Small Brush” on tight wheel patterns, grilles, vents, exhaust and more.



1- Rinse away loose contamination and spray the wheel with Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner or HD Wheel and Tire Cleaner

2- Use the brush to remove filth from deep inside wheel barrels, around brake calipers, and through hard to reach areas.

3- Use smaller brush to clean around lug nuts and between small spoke wheels.

4- After scrubbing all areas simply rinse with water.

5- Drive